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Aachen Wellness.
Aachen Wellness is a brand of the Topline Pool and Wellness Group. When it comes to quality, luxury and indulgence, Aachen Wellness is renowned for its world-class products.

We create innovative luxury spa and wellness solutions along with home swimming pools, commercial swimming pools and a whole host of quality pool and spa equipment options for your home and commercial settings.

Specialising in bespoke wellness suites, hot tubs, hydro spas, steam rooms and saunas, Aachen Wellness provide the wellness and leisure market with truly inspirational bespoke products. With an unrivalled in-house team, working within our own UK based factory, every item we create is specifically designed to the highest specifications, using a wide range of quality products and materials.

At Aachen Wellness we believe only quality can withstand the test of time and it is why we have built a long-standing reputation for imaginative design and superb craftsmanship.

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