Questions to Ask a Pool Builder

The time frame for a swimming pool remodel here in Orlando is 8-10 weeks on average. This time frame, however, depends on the scope of work you need done and the time of year you get it done. Weather is a factor, and significant rain and thunderstorms can delay the process.

Similar to the time frame for new pool construction projects, the pool remodel process is dependent on your unique needs, but it can be broken down into 4 general steps after about 2-8 weeks of design and permitting is complete.

  1. Excavation — 1 Week
  2. Installation of Steel, Plumbing, & Electrical— 3 Weeks
  3. Deck Placement & Custom Features— 2-3 Weeks
  4. Plastering — 2-3 Weeks

Also, if the scope of work includes elaborate details, such as adding a sun shelf, a rock water feature, or a new deck, tile, or interior finish, expect your swimming pool remodel to take longer. Plan on adding approximately 1 week to the original 8-to-10-week time frame for each additional feature added.