Pool House Storage Sheds | Prefab Pool Houses

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

What about storage for all the pool equipment? Where is a place I can get out of the sun and just relax in the shade? Do I have a place to keep food and refreshments close to the pool or do I need to go the house every time?

All of these questions are very legitimate and here at Stoltzfus Structures we have different styles of pool house kits that can fulfill your needs. Each of our different styles of pool house storage sheds have their own unique touch and adds value to your property as you continue to add artistic touches to your pool space by purchasing one of these beautiful pool storage sheds. Our prefab pool houses come standard with 1 set of double doors with aluminum floor guard, two 18 x 27 sliding windows with screens and many more plans and design. We also make beautiful vinyl pergolas and outdoor wooden structures for your pool area.