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To provide you with a brief background on how a custom inground pool is built, there are three types of materials used in building a custom inground pool, and these are concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. If you are considering a custom-built inground pool, then concrete is an excellent option.

We will be able to design and shape your inground pool based on your exact specifications. Since concrete is flexible and durable, the options are limitless when it comes to designing a concrete pool. Concrete is definitely built to last. There are two methods used in concrete construction and these are shotcrete and gunite. 

Shotcrete is a wet mix of cement, sand, and small aggregates that are projected at high-velocity using a hose while gunite is a dry mix of cement and sand that mixes with water in the nozzle of the hose when sprayed to the pool’s surface. Both of these techniques provide a durable and compact concrete finish that is built to last.

Fiberglass is also tough and durable just like concrete. Fiberglass is molded in a controlled environment inside a factory and then delivered on the construction site for installation. This is also a good choice for an inground pool. Fiberglass is very easy to clean and maintain since it has a smooth, less porous surface.

Vinyl material is also a good choice for a custom inground pool. Just like fiberglass, it also has a less porous surface that is similar to fiberglass and tough just like concrete. One of the best features of vinyl is that you can use different patterns and color combinations using vinyl material to add a visual effect to your pool.

You will be amazed by our team of experts because during the entire duration of the pool construction, our team will work closely with you and they will guide you on each step of the construction phase.

They are always ready to answer any questions that you may have and entertain your ideas and suggestions. We will cover everything that needs to be accomplished such as securing a construction or building permit, marking the layout of your pool, excavating the area, and building your dream pool.

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