Lap Pools – Home Exercise Pools

Ask how the pool is built, and what kind of warranty comes with the purchase. What are the maintenance costs? How easy is the pool to maintain now and in the future? Will it stand the test of time?

The construction method used to build small residential pools will dictate the design and cost over the lifetime of the pool. Concrete pools can be built into custom shapes, but they may not hold up as well as other material in extreme weather. Vinyl liner pools come in different shapes, but the liner needs replacing every 8-11 years. Over time, this will add to the price of the pool. While fiberglass pools may in some cases be limited in shape, they are extremely durable in any weather and require the least amount of maintenance. In addition, SwimEx’s unique pool design incorporates a balsa wood core that efficiently helps to maintain water temperature. Built to last, SwimEx pools also carry a comprehensive warranty.

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