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You might wonder if the installation of an inground swimming pool is possible on a hillside. Be assured: Most yards are not flat. There are many landscaping options, which make the installation of an inground pool possible on a slope. Let us introduce some of them.

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls cannot only help to break up the slope, but also can add character to your pool project. Depending on the design of your pool, retaining walls can be installed on the uphill or the downhill side of your swimming pool.

StoneMakers Concrete
If natural stone is not an option, the new StoneMakers concrete, offers plenty of design options. StoneMakers’ propriety concrete product has the look and feel of real stone. We can completely custom color and design options and shape StoneMakers concrete into almost any design. Another advantage of using the StoneMakers process is added strength, which is important, if you want to build on a slope and soil pushes against the retaining wall. The StoneMakers product is twice as strong (6-7000 psi) as typical concrete (3-4000 psi).

Building up
Building the lower level up can be an option, but will mostly be used in addition to other landscaping projects, like a retaining wall. The reason is, that you can’t only use the excavated dirt. To guarantee a strong base and avoid future structural damage, the use of gravel or other compactable fill is strongly recommended. To avoid an even steeper slope from the pool downhill to the rest of the yard, there will be extra fill necessary. Make sure to get a good picture of the changing landscape of your yard, before you start the project. To be able to create a gentle slope, the yard also should be reasonable sized.

Grading and Landscaping
If you really do have enough space, talk to your landscaper about grading your property. The objective is to flatten the needed area while allowing for proper drainage. If the landscaping around the new project is done thoughtfully, you might even gain on enjoyable outdoor space.

Combining the Options
In most cases landscaping-expert Jamie Snyder recommends a combination of the above explained options. If you want to know, which landscaping possibilities would work best in your yard, contact The Albert Landscaping Group.

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