How to Create Your Own Mining Pool?

Crypto trading is not limited to a single person or any single platform. There are many ways to get advantages from this forum. One may start it as a single person having his single crypto wallet, multiple wallets, or joining a mining pool. The mining pool works to dig out cryptocurrencies through different computer programs. However, certain things are necessary to understand before you join a mining pool. The first crucial thing to learn is “how to create your own mining pool?” 

A mining pool is a beneficial source to earn maximum turnout through crypto trading. As many cryptocurrencies are yet to be mined, the mining pool lets you dig out such currencies in collaboration with other miners. This article will describe all about creating your mining pool. Let’s proceed to explore the benefits of this forum. 

What is the Mining Pool?

Before we move on to learn the working process of the mining pool and its creation process, let’s explain what is meant by the mining pool. Mining pools are usually created and operated by any third party who takes the miners together. They use the Application Programming Interface for mining, and the found currency or hash power is contributed evenly among the members of the mining pool. 

As the name suggests, this pool has many members who work in collaboration. This team includes all sorts of members who work online as well as offline. Many people are there in such pools who are especially there to look after the hardware. So, it is an effective way of earning maximum turnout from crypto trading. 

Functions Mining Pool

The cryptocurrency mining pool has many functions, but the following two are the most important. 

  • Miners of the mining pools are always in search of discovering new cryptocurrencies. Mining is responsible for adding the newly discovered cryptocurrencies into the system. 
  • The mining pool also manages to add the transactions to the blockchain ledger, and also this forum verifies the transactions.  
  • The pool also assigns different functions to its members, and the workers work under the supervision of the pool.

Easy Way to Create Mining Pool


Here are the requirements that are necessary to create a mining pool. 

  • Minimum 20GB disk space
  • A PC with window 10
  • Different servers like VPS, Putty, WinSCP, and Ubuntu
  • A brief understanding of Linux

How to Create Your Own Mining Pool

Install the Essential Packages

Before you start creating the mining pool, install essential packages to your system. 

Create User ID

When you have met all the requirements for creating a mining pool, go ahead to create a user ID. Here, you’ll have to enter all the essential personal information. In the next step, set a password different from the wallet’s password or root password. 

Create the Pool Server

Now, you’ve to create a pool server by using cryptocurrency. To do this, sign in to a new server, boot up the putty. 

After the configuration, your server ID will be created. You can edit any of the VPS, Putty, WinSCP, and Ubuntu addresses. 

When you submit the changes, you will receive a configuration message in the root folder, and you can configure it by clicking the login option. Use your username and passwords to proceed. 

Create a file named ‘Litecoin. Conf’. 

You can edit this file via the editor window. 

Tap the floppy disk icon to proceed. In this way, your file will be saved. Scroll the putty again, and you will see the recently created file there. 

Setup Payout and Other Features

When you have created and got the file in the putty, the next step is to choose such a system that contains almost all the features like payout, webpage, stratum server, and etc. uNOMP is the ideal choice as you can operate it via putty and WinSCP. So, download the latest version of this software. 

Setup Your Mining Pool

Till now, you have reached the most important step of creating the Mining Pool. Open your WinSCP and browse the config.json and configure the file. Here you will encounter the website and host option. Edit it according to your VPS IP and save the file. 

Open the file via WinSCP and change the setting according to your user name, password, site title, and host. 

Accept the Pool Configuration

When you submit the WinSCP site, you’ll have to configure the mining pool. Open WinSCP software and browse for BTC or LTC and enable it. Edit all the fields such as minimum payment, find payment, user password, etc. After configuration, save the file, and your site is ready to mine. 

Last Words

Mining pools are an essential part of the blockchain ecosystem. They help validate transactions, secure networks and distribute rewards to miners who contribute their computing power. The success of a mining pool depends on its ability to attract enough computational resources from contributors with different hardware types and geographical locations. In this guide, we have shown you how to make your own Ethereum mining pool for beginners. If you want more information about making your own cryptocurrency or have any other questions, please comment we would love to hear from you!

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