How to Build an Inexpensive and Affordable Inground Pool

Wishing the summer was all year long, unfortunately, in NJ and other states across the northeast, you are out of luck? However, when the summer hits, you may find it difficult to get by without having a pool to dip into. We can’t blame you. Having a pool is an amazing gift you can give yourself and your family. While you might be anxious to give your family a great summer gift, you need to know the cost. There are different types of swimming pools that you can buy, and some are more expensive than others, but the option of getting an affordable inground pool is available. You also need to think about the cost of maintaining a pool year after year.

Here is some information about how to build a cheap swimming pool or as we prefer to say, an inexpensive and affordable inground pool.

Types of Inground Pools

There are several types of inground pools. Some are not worth your time, while others may deliver what you’re looking for. It depends on your needs, as well as those of the others who will be using the pool. There are different types that we can consider to be an inexpensive and affordable inground pool.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools are the cheapest pool in terms of upfront costs. A pool company will blow the vinyl into the framework of your pool after it has dug the hole. People have been using vinyl pools for more than 50 years. They are durable. They are also smooth to the touch, which a lot of swimmers like. You can customize a vinyl pool to fit nearly any size and shape you want. They do have the lowest initial cost, however, and you will eventually need to replace the liners. If you’re careful, don’t puncture it, and treat it for algae, the liner can last up to 12 years. The replacement costs for a vinyl pool start at $5,000. Also, you have to be on constant watch for algae. This may mean a lot of expensive pool chemicals.

Fiberglass Pools

When you ask for a fiberglass pool, you’re having a shell lowered into the hole that’s now in your backyard. A fiberglass pool comes preconstructed, which greatly lowers the cost. Fiberglass pools also don’t have the algae growth that vinyl and concrete pools suffer from. In general, once you put the fiberglass shell in, it does not need replacing. However, because the fiberglass comes in one piece, there are limitations to your pool’s shape. And, because of transportation rules, there are also restrictions on its width. If you have the fiberglass repaired, the color of the repairs might not match the rest of the pool.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are the most expensive to install. To install the pool, a company will blow concrete into a steel frame. Once the company has poured the concrete, you usually have to wait up to a month for it to dry. Then, you can fill it with water and enjoy it. If you take care of them, concrete pools last a long time. There are still concrete pools in the United States that people have been using since the 1930s. However, the cost to maintain a concrete pool can be extensive. Some people find it so hard to maintain a concrete pool, they’ll hire a service to keep the water pH-balanced. Depending on where you live, you might also have to get the pool acid washed every five years. You may need to get the concrete retiled every five to 10 years. The surface of a concrete pool is rough as well, which some children don’t like.

Is Having A Pool Expensive?

Having a pool doesn’t have to be expensive. You need to make sure you choose the right pool to fit your needs. You need to make sure you are ready to care for your pool once you get it as well. If you have questions, contact Atlantic Pool and Spa. We are in Lake Hopatcong, N.J. We install pools in Morris County, Bergen County, Warren County, and Sussex County.