How to Build an In-Ground Pool Enclosure

In-ground pool enclosures help to maintain the in-ground pool in a better way. It keeps leaves and other particles from falling into the pool and thus helps to keep the pool clean. Having a pool enclosure also helps to keep the temperature of the in-ground pool water moderate as it keeps the sun away. Intense heat from the sun can cause a pool to deteriorate. Having an enclosure, this problem is solved as now the sunlight will not fall on the pool directly. Many in-ground enclosure kits are available on the market; you can either purchase one or buy the different components and then install it.

Step 1 – Plan and Purchase

Depending on your budget you must plan and purchase the required materials. Buying an enclosure can be helpful but it is generally expensive. You can get all the required materials in any home improvement store and nowadays enclosure kits are also available easily.

Step 2 – Shape the Poles

You must clearly have in your mind the height of the enclosure. Depending on this height cut the metal poles using the metal-cutting saw. Make sure the metal poles are of equal length after cutting them, otherwise, the enclosure will look weird. You can use sheet metal poles rather than using solid metal poles or wooden poles. Sheet metal poles are durable, cheap and they are easy to cut and install.

Step 3 – Prepare the Ground

Make a rough estimate of the places where you want to install the poles. Mark these spots on the ground and then use the hole-digger to make holes in the marked parts. The holes must be precisely in place but you do not need to worry about the width of the holes as it can be easily fixed later.

Step 4 – Install the Poles

concrete in a wheelbarrow

Now place the cut poles in the holes in an upright position. It is better to hammer the poles in the hole so they can set well. Now pour a mixture of concrete and water to fill up the hole and make sure the pole is not loose. Allow the concrete to dry completely and then proceed with the work. The concrete will dry in approximately 48 hours. For making the surface of the holes smooth, use the shovel to spread the concrete evenly and also use the shovel to ensure the concrete has filled up the hole completely.

Step 5 – Finish Installation

When the poles are completely fixed, unroll the screen wire and fix it on the outer surface of the pole using metal screws. It is advised to use two screws on the top and two on the bottom. This ensures the screen will be secured properly. Now install the screen you want to use for the enclosure and you’re done.