How to build a pool or billiards table

The most affordable easy to use pool table woodworking plans you can find!

eBook Reviews

This is really a great book for someone who knows very little or nothing about woodworking. It has very basic information that is offered in an easy to understand format.

Great book. I will build my pool table with this book.


Great book. Great designs and good directions for making that pool table.

Joe White

Husband loved the project in the book; I hope he will finish the pool table he wants.

Nickie Armbrust

This is a bible of home pool table making. Clear and so full of details and illustrations. It belongs in every person’s interested in woodworking.

Jose De Salinedo

Author’s Note

Aristidis Tonikidis

Eleven years have already gone by! Unbelievable! It was in autumn of 2006 E when I rst came up with the idea to gather all the plans that I had already created in order to build my pool table and make them available in a book form along with some instructions that arose from my experience during the construction

Many things have changed during these eleven years. We have changed. Our experience, aesthetics and the knowledge have changed too. Going back to the original book, I don’t get the pride that I felt when I saw it nished. I no longer feel the same pride for the plans, for the images, for the legibility, even for the font. It seems now so far and distant from my current assumption that really bothers me because it appears incomplete. I had to refresh it according to my new data. I refreshed it!

What have I done? Firstly I changed the plans into a more readable form and I also included 3D drawings of every component of the structure but also of the nal result. I also created new plans for the construction of the table’s base and a series of images that describe expressively every step of the assembly in a extremely simple way! Furthermore I considered that the details that derive from the plans make the description of the way of working for the construction of every component almost useless. Only the way of installing the felt on the surface and the side rail is described. Just that!

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