How to build a pool of mutable Vecs that get reused on Drop?

[]I am trying to create a pool of mutable Vec objects that can be passed out to functions as needed, and reused when they’re no longer needed (Since my target is WASM, I don’t want to let Vecs themselves deallocate and reallocate). I have an implementation using Rc and RefCell, and I am wondering if there’s a better (more efficient?) way to do this.

[]My current code uses Rc::strong_count to keep track of whether I’ve handed out a buffer and RefCell to allow mutable access to the Vec inside:

use std::{cell::RefCell, rc::Rc}; #[derive(Debug)] struct BufferPool { buffers: Vec>>>, buffer_size: usize, } impl BufferPool { fn new() -> Self { BufferPool { buffers: vec![], buffer_size: 3, } } fn add_buffer(&mut self) -> Rc>> { self.buffers .push(Rc::new(RefCell::new(vec![0.; self.buffer_size]))); Rc::clone(&self.buffers[self.buffers.len() – 1]) } fn get_buffer(&mut self) -> Rc>> { for buf in &self.buffers { // If the Rc count is 1, we haven’t loaned the buffer out yet. if Rc::strong_count(&buf) == 1 { return Rc::clone(&buf); } } // If we made it here, there’s no available buffer, so we need to create one. self.add_buffer() } } []This code can be tested with:

#[test] fn test_buffers() { let mut buffers = BufferPool::new(); let buf_cell1 = buffers.get_buffer(); { let mut buf1 = buf_cell1.borrow_mut(); buf1[0] = 5.5; } { let buf_cell2 = buffers.get_buffer(); let mut buf2 = buf_cell2.borrow_mut(); buf2[1] = 6.6; } { let buf_cell3 = buffers.get_buffer(); let mut buf3 = buf_cell3.borrow_mut(); buf3[2] = 7.7; } dbg!(&buffers); } []which gives the expected outputs:

&buffers = BufferPool { buffers: [ RefCell { value: [ 5.5, 0.0, 0.0, ], }, RefCell { value: [ 0.0, 6.6, 7.7, ], }, ], buffer_size: 3, } []However, what I’m doing seems slightly inefficient since both Rc and RefCell::borrow_mut() are keeping track of whether a buffer has been “loaned out” (since RefCell has the ability to error if it’s contents are double borrowed). Also, ergonomically, it’s annoying that I cannot call buffers.get_buffer().borrow_mut() on one line without Rust complaining about dropped temporary values.

[]So, my question is: is there a better way to do this?

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