How to build a natural swimming pool

NSP_front_coverHow to Build a Natural Swimming Pool, Wolfram Kircher and Andreas Thon

£25 | ISBN 978-0-9933892-1-4 | April 2016

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A natural swimming pool is an exciting feature for a garden. These living freshwater ecosystems provide a valuable habitat for beneficial insects and will delight swimmers, gardeners and nature lovers. Decades of experience lie behind this practical handbook which will steer you through the design, building and planting options whether you plan to build the pool yourself or hire a contractor.

Wolfram Kircher teaches plant ecology at the University of Applied Sciences at Bernburg, Germany and Andreas Thon is a water purification consultant and landscape architect.

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“It is a well laid out, detailed and useful book for anyone wanting to learn more about natural pools, and I only wish I’d read it before building my own.” Ben Law, Permaculture magazine

If you have every tackled a DIY project for the first time, you will know that having a good set of instructions is critical if you want it to work properly and look spectacular. We get lots of enquiries from people across the world who are keen to build their own DIY swimming pond or natural swimming pool and are struggling to find comprehensive guidance and advise. We were therefore delighted when Wolfram Kircher contacted us to discuss his new book which he intended to be a definitive guide to building and planting a swimming pond. The book arrived and it did not disappoint. Clearwater Revival, pool designers

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