How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool – The complete guide to healthy swimming at home

A practical handbook which covers a wide range of pool types from simple “swimming ponds” without technical installations to models with intensively percolated filter zones in separate regeneration areas and others that resemble traditional pools. The book emphasizes principles of water purification by plants, microorganisms and substrate surfaces as well as practical hints to construct a natural pool step by step. It explains how plants are used to promote good water quality and to ensure a pleasant design. A comprehensive plant table runs over 18 pages covering useful plant information on: species, sun/shade, height, flowering/growth period, depth zone, growth habitat, estimated level of coexistence, water hardness/pH, nitrogen demands, natural distribution, planting area, plant type and themes The chapters are as follows: 1 What is a Naturally Filtrated Swimming Pool? 2 The Development of Natural Pool 3 Basic Considerations for Pool Water 4 Filter Systems and Construction Types 5 Basic Models of Natural Pools 6 A Step by Step Construction Guide 7 Planting Design in and around Natural Pools 8 Animals in the pool? 9 Maintenance 10 Case Studies (in Austria, Germany, UK and USA)

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