Build Your Own Endless Exercise Pool

Endless Summer Dolphin Sport Build Your Own Exercise Pool

If you want the convenience of having a swimming pool at home, either indoors or in the garden, but didn’t think you had enough room, or that you couldn’t justify the cost, one of our Exercise Pools may provide you with both a practical and affordable solution. For example, we have options that start at under £6,000.00.

At Panache Pools we offer several exercise pool packages, designed to overcome any size or cost issues. Essentially these come in three packages, but there are further options with each. We have the ‘Endless Summer Dolphin Sport’ featuring the much praised ‘Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Unit’. These pools come in two sizes – 4.7m x 2.9m and the larger 6m x 4.2m. Then we have our ‘Premium Exercise Pool’ with a choice of counter current units and measuring 4.4m x 3m. They are all manufactured in the UK by two of the UK’s biggest and most respected swimming pool suppliers, namely Certikin and Plastica.

What makes these pools so affordable is that they have been designed as self build pool packages. These packages are self assembly and can be installed quickly and easily by anyone with competent DIY skills. If you don’t feel confident enough to tackle a self build pool yourself, maybe you have someone in your family or circle of friends who could lend a hand? Plus, we are always here on the end of the phone to answer any questions. Of course, self building your pool keeps the costs down, but Panache Pools do provide a full installation service at a very reasonable cost. Time is money as they say, and one of the major benefits of these pools is that they can be installed very quickly. It is quite feasible to build your pool in a long weekend (assuming the base is ready and not allowing for any landscaping). You really could be enjoying a daily swim in a matter of days.

Our exercise pool packages are based around a wooden structure, featuring pre-cut wooden slats that slot together to form the pool walls. They are then fitted with a liner and include all filtration and pipework. You can see a wooden pool being assembled on our video below –


The pools can be heated, the most popular options are electric heaters or heat pumps. Electric heaters are the cheapest to buy but have higher long term running costs than a heat pump, which are extremely economical to run. We have a website dedicated to our Exercise Pools at www.EndlessExercisePool.co.uk. You will find all the options open to you. If you have any questions please contact us here or give us a ring on 01536 420400.

Our Exercise Pool packages enable many more people to benefit from owning a swimming pool at home, due to their compact design, the counter current units that allow continuous swimming whilst staying in the same spot and their low cost due to their quick and easy installation and self build options. Take a look here or ring us today on 01536 420400.   

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