Total Aquatic Programming, in partnership with USA Swimming, will offer multiple Virtual Build a Pools in 2021! These programs are a great opportunity to get help designing, developing and programming the best aquatic facility for your community.


The Virtual Build A Pool Webinar has been designed to give the participant 2 weeks to review and absorb the content. The material is developed into 6 modules approximately 90 minutes for each module. There will be a live


Q & A session for the participants to ask their questions of the presenters plus the sponsors and professional providers of the VBAP. The presenters of the VBAP Webinar are Mick and Sue Nelson founders of TAP LLC (Total Aquatic Programming LLC) and Kevin Post, Principle of Counsilman Hunsaker.


The VBAP Webinar offers comprehensive education in building, renovating and programming both new and existing facilities. This information is cutting edge about the process of building and programming pools to be community centerpieces for safety, health and wellness while still being financially sustainable. Some of the topics covered include:


  • Developing your committee and professional team.
  • Understanding programming for your community and the four pillars of aquatics.
  • New technologies and build options.
  • Facility design from Learn to Swim and therapy pools to large competition pools.
  • How USA Swimming’s Professional Providers can help make your project a reality.

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