Build a Better Pool Privacy Fence (Designed Your Way)

If you are looking for pool privacy fence ideas…

This post is for you.

Pool Privacy Fence Wood & MetalWhen it comes to spending time around your backyard swimming pool.

None of us wants to be watched.

And some fences don’t do the best job of keeping prying eyes out.

Whether you’re entertaining on your pool deck.

Or taking a mid-afternoon swim, you’d like privacy and you’d like security.

That’s why we’d like to show you a better way to build a privacy fence

Before you dive into your pool… let’s dive into this post.

And look at some great design options for your pool privacy fence.

What is a Pool Privacy Fence?

A pool privacy fence is a fence that can surround an entire pool area.


It can provide a partition between part of the pool and another area either on or off your property.

Pool Privacy Fence

Sometimes, the pool privacy fence serves as a house fence.

Or privacy fence that surrounds your entire backyard or patio area with a fence.

Many pool owners feel they need more privacy from their neighbors when enjoying outdoor activities.

A pool fence can serve as a backyard privacy fence.

A pool fence can act as a barrier for your children or pets.

It can also decrease debris that could get into your pool.

Pool Privacy Fence Near Trees

Help protect your family and extend your pool filter’s life!

Just like a regular house fence that surrounds your backyard…

Pool privacy fences can come in different materials and price ranges.

Let’s check out some pool privacy fencing options.

Ordinary Pool Privacy Fence Options

One option for a pool privacy fence…

Is a chain link fence.

Chain Link Fence Around Pool

A chain link fence provides functionality…

However, it is not the most attractive option.

And doesn’t provide much privacy.

Another option is a standard metal pool fence.

Metal Fence Around Pool

Metal pool fences provide great strength…

And can provide a decorative aspect to your backyard.

Metal fences don’t give you any privacy.

If you look at ordinary privacy fence options.

You’ll often be presented with a wood privacy fence.


The problem with many cheap wood privacy fences.

Wood Privacy Fence With Gaps

Is that they have big gaps between boards.

And they often warp or lean over time.

It’s time to make your backyard stand out.

Let’s look into some more unique pool privacy fence options…

Unique Pool Privacy Fence Ideas

Here are a few fences built using the Perimtec system.

Build a pool privacy fence in vertical to horizontal orientation.

Perimtec fences can meet your specific fence design requirements.

These fences also work great for above ground pool privacy fences.

Take a look at some of the various fencing options…

Pool privacy fences can incorporate many different types of infill materials.

If you’re getting a beautiful pool or you already have one, your fence should only enhance the look of your backyard…

Not take away from the beauty and serenity of your backyard oasis.

Here are some ideas.