Above Ground Pool Deck Cost

Swim N’ Play Free Standing Decks
Above Ground Pool Deck Cost

 Prefab Deck Prices

  • 3 Foot by 5 Foot Deck $949.00 / Installed for $1299.00
  • 5 Foot by 6 Foot Deck $1269.00 / Installed for $1619.00
  • 5 Foot by 9 Foot Deck $1449.76 / Installed for $1850.76

First I want to describe these decks to you. They all come with a protective railing, carpeted decking, and a set of stairs that fold up and lock. They have a little bounce when you’re on them, but are very sturdy. These decks are considered free standing, and do not require a building permit here in Massachusetts.

These raised decks are made for aboveground pools with 52″ pool walls. They also make getting in and out of the pool much easier than climbing a ladder. Keep in mind they do not come with a set of steps to get out of the pool, just on and off the deck from outside the pool. But we offer pool stairs for less than a hundred if you need one.

These above ground pool decks cost a third or less than custom pool decks. The pictures below do not show the staircase, they are just to illustrate the different sizes that are available. We stock the 3ft x 5ft, and 5ft x 6ft decks, and can get the 5ft x 9ft decks within a week to ten days.

Pool Deck Builder / Installer

free standing decks instructionsYes, not only do we sell these affordable above ground pool decks, but we also install them. If you have a level area along your pool, we will assemble and install any of these decks for $350.00.

We bring patio block to level the pool deck and support it. We completely assemble all components, and attach it to your pool.

Free standing deck example

These decks fit oval pools and round pools. If you are in the market for a new deck, and want something inexpensive and fast, these are great decks.

They satisfy pool barrier building codes for most cities here in Massachusetts. If you have any questions, please consult your local building inspector.

Embassy Swimming Pool Decks

Embassy Pools Deck

Embassy make a very sturdy deck. They come prepackaged with treated wood, composite decking boards, or no with no boards.

I weigh over 300 lbs, this is the strongest prefabricated pool deck I have ever stood on.

They have a deck package that is 8′ x 8′  that comes with stairs, composite decking, security gate, and railings for $2375.00. It is perfect for a straight side of an oval pool.

Pool Deck Sizes and Design

This web page offers examples just a few above ground pool decks, and approximate costs. There are many other prefabricated sizes and styles to choose from. And of course we build custom decks from wood and composites.

We offer a 8′ x 8′ starter deck made with real pressure treated wood framing, composite decking, rails, and with a staircase for $4600.00

Please call or visit our contact page to purchase a deck or schedule an installation (978) 710-8667. We custom build decks made of wood, and composites. For a free consultation or more information about design options. Give us a call.

Free standing deck example

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