A Guide To Building Natural Swimming Pools

It’s not always easy to have fun and stay green but if you’ve been thinking about installing a swimming pool at home, we’d encourage you to read A Guide to Building Natural Swimming Pools by Michael Littlewood before you do.

It’s got everything that you need to know to ensure that your pool isn’t just a great place to splash around in but also to make certain that it’s sustainable and in harmony with the natural world.

Natural Swimming Pools Book Cover

Natural Swimming Pools Explained

Now, you won’t get through this guide all in one sitting. That might be impossible.

It starts from scratch by describing the systemic processes required for natural swimming pools and works its way through every single step you will need to carry out to build your very own.

Natural pool

It’s packed with scale drawings that show you everything you need to know from how the electricity ought to be wired, how to plant the area, and even how to maintain the pool once it has been installed.

You Will Need To Pace Yourself

Building a natural swimming pool is a big project and we’re not sure that we’d have the confidence to tackle that project by ourselves without a comprehensive guide like this one.

Of course, you probably won’t get this done in a weekend – it’s still going to take time and effort on your part but we think that Michael’s book will help you get the job done.

It’s worth noting that the author is a natural landscape architect and that should mean he knows what he’s about.

You can find A Guide to Building Natural Swimming Pools online.

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